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Hello everyone and welcome again to our website offering a wide variety of freebies! Although we were setup recently we are already becoming one of the leading freebie websites in the UK. All of the offers you find on this website are completely free to enter and we encourage you to sign up to more than one to stand even more chances of winning freebies.


If you haven’t already done so we always recommend you sign up to our newsletter, as it always contains the latest and best list of freebies to sign up for. Whether you are into fashion and beauty or the latest technology we cover all areas to bring a wide variety of freebies to your doorstep!


How does it all work?

To get your hands on some cool free gifts it’s as simple as filling in a small form most of the time. The best way to get yourself some freebies is to either sign up to the offers on our homepage and we’ll send the latest offers straight to you or sort through our offers via our offers page. The best thing about all the offers you find on The Free Stuff Finders is that they are all completely free!


Where do we get all our freebies from?

Usually our freebies come from three different sources, firstly The Free Stuff Finders are always on the internet looking for the latest freebies to bring to you guys.  Secondly we  have companies who supply us with freebies so we can offer you lot a wider range to choose from. Thirdly you guys even help us out too, because we work as a community to offer freebies people tend to send in any freebies they have found so we can put them on the website so more of us can benefit!


Are there any catches? Do I really pay nothing for all these freebie offers?

One of the best things about all the offers on The Free Stuff Finders is that there are no catches, every single offer is free to enter! You will never ever pay a penny to enter any of our offers because we make sure all the offers we find are free! Most of the freebies only require you to fill in a simple form which will take around two minutes. Two minutes of time to stand the chance of winning a MacBook Air or an iPad!


Do you pay The Free Stuff Finders anything to enter any of our offers?

No! We would never in a million years think about charging anything for our services. Our website was created to build a community in order to help people get things they would never be able to afford if we didn’t exist. Although we only been established recently we are hoping we are making a difference already!


If you have any questions about our freebies and want to speak to someone please send us a message on our contact us page.





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