Why give away freebies?

The most asked questions through our contact form is “why do we give away freebies” and the simple answer is because we can! We don’t hind the fact that this is a business and at the end of the day by giving these advertisers traffic through their freebie offers we are providing them with a source of customers. Initially of course these are leads that aren’t paying anything because all you are doing is entering a competition for a freebie, well the advertisers see it differently.

To the advertisers they are now able to introduce their service or product to customers who perhaps would never have been interested if they had to pay for the service or product. The advertisers believe once you have tried the product or service they stand a chance to make you a customer for life and this is probably the case in certain ways because it is a great way to introduce your product or service to a wider target audience. The problem with this is obviously the fact that as an advertisers you have to give something away for free! The larger brands have such high profit margins that the odd freebie here and there isn’t a problem to give away, but for the smaller and newer brands this can be a problem. This is probably why 80% of the freebies you find on this website are from leading brands or well known suppliers.

We are trying to be as see-through as possible when it comes to our freebie offers because we believe this industry is built on trust like many other industries. We hope that through our straight forwards approach you will trust our offers and increase your quality of life through free offers. The economy is in a bad state and generally people’s lifestyles have been affected, hopefully in some small way through our freebies we can help people get hold of some bits and pieces they otherwise would not be able to afford. This is why we encourage people to get involved with as many offers as possible, because there is no charge for any of the competitions on our website. Get involved and get your freebies today!

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