What’s New in June!

Hey everyone we hope that you are all having a great day and the sun in shining where you are (it is here!). We just wanted to explain a few things about what has been going on around the website in the passed couple of weeks. We have been adding all sorts of new freebies for you guys to choose from and added a new navigation menu down the right side of the website. We hope that the navigation change will help people get to all our new freebies even quicker because the more you manage to sign up for the more new freebies you’ll be getting!


We have also been adding new sections to the website with a focus on adding offers that you can earn money from. In the coming weeks we will be adding more offers in the “earn money” section so that if you have some spare time you can fill out some surveys or answer some questions and get paid for your time. We know it won’t be life changing money but some extra money here and there goes a long way in this economy.


Furthermore we will be adding a section for you to suggest freebies to us, so if you manage to find any cool offers out on the internet and you want us to share them with all our community then please send us through the details. For now if you could send through the details to our contact form that would be great and we will get back to you when the offer has been added to the website.


That is it for now but we hope you are having a great day and that you win some cool freebies soon!


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